Acoustic Guitar Woods - The Rosewood Colllection

Cambodian Rosewood

Botanical Name: (Dalbergia Cochinchinsensis)

Native to Cambodia; Laos, Thailand; Vietnam. Also known as Payung or Thailand rosewood. Very rare wood that we were lucky to find stashed away in a corner of one of our suppliers warehouse. Very similar to Honduran Rosewood both in appearance and tap tone.

When it's gone it's gone forever

Honduran Rosewood

Botanical Name: (Dalbergia Stevensonii)

Old growth Honduran Rosewood is an absolutely incredibal tonewood that many luthiers, consider to be superior to Brasilian Rosewood.
In my opinion the taptone is unsurpassed seeming to SING when you strike it. This non-porous wood is easy to finish, keeps it shape and is very stable.
It is much denser and finer grained than Indian or Brasilian Rosewood.

Extremely rare to find in guitar quaity and size.

You will not find Honduran Rosewood this fine anywhere else.

Genuine Brasilian Rosewood

Botanical Name: (Dalbergia nigra)

Genuine "Old Growth" wood is viewed to be the most desireable class of Brasilian Rosewood. Old growth trees have tighter annular growth rings. The tighter growth rings indicate that the tree the wood came from grew at a slower rate.

Brasilian Rosewood has grain patterns that are often pronounced, its main  heartwood color is usually a mid to dark brown color. Secondary heartwood colors are typcially streaks of deep orange and dark tan. Less common coloring, and usually more expensive colors  include shades of  purple, pink, and pronounced black. Significant darkening take years.
Old Growth Brasilian Rosewood is very difficult to acquire today. I have nine sets of this spectacular timber

CocoBolo Rosewood

Botaniclal name: (Dalbergia Retusa)

The taptone is outstanding, very glassy, nice ringing sustain. The back boards are  perfectly bookmatched. The side boards are also perfectly bookmatched . Cocobolo when freshly cut exibits colors ranging from reds to oranges, yellows and purples.  As cocobolo is exposed to air and sunlight, it darkens to a deep reddish color and sometimes exibits black streaks known as spiderwebbing. All of my guitar sets are properly dried and seasoned and ready for sanding.  This grade of Cocobolo is getting extremely difficult to get, almost impossible in widths sufficient for guitars. Cocobolo is as close to Brazilian Rosewood in beauty and tonal quality as any wood, and soon will be just as scarce.
Indian Rosewood dualband eq

Botanical Name: (Dalbergia latifolia)

In India East Indian Rosewood is controlled by the Indian government. and tends to be harvested from Tea plantations where it is used as a shade tree. Sources of supply have been well managed, reliable and of consistently high quality. Dalbergia latifolia is typically richly grained with dark purple, red, and brown color. This wood can also display dark streaks. One of the most stable rosewoods, it's easy to work and it has a warm, rich, responsive tone that has clear, tight bass and a sparkling midrange with bright trebles.

Borneo Rosewood

Botanical name: (Malanorrhoea Laccifera) 

This is a BORNEO ROSEWOOD back. This wood is also called "rengas wood", or "rengas tiger wood" , although not a true dalbergia, this wood's beautiful deep red color is very rosewood-like. This is a very finely grained, dense, heavy wood.  EXTREMELY Rare!! The taptone is very glassy, with a loud, long ringing sustain. 



Botanical name: (Pterocarpus Soyauxii)

The sapwood is white when just cut but quickly turns to a brownish yellow or gray. The heartwood is orange-red but turns brown when exposed to light. In fact it can almost look like walnut after long exposure to sunlight. Padauk is found on the Ivory Coast of Africa, Congo, Cameroon and Nigeria.

Pau Ferro paoferro

Botanical Name: (Machaerium scleroxylon)

This is a  PAU FERRO. This wood is also known as Bolivian Rosewood, or Morado.  Pau Ferro is a very finely grained non-porous wood that is a dream to finish. Denser and heavier than Indian and Brazilian Rosewood. with a wonderful taptone.  The color of this wood is beautiful under a finish, with chocolates, creams, reds, and golds throughout the grain.

Options available at additional cost.
Custom Finishes: Translucent Bora Bora Blue, Rangoon Red, Antique Tobacco Sunburst: $350.00
Body wood upgrades: Call for pricing
Left handed option: $450.00
Slotted Peghead: $350.00
12 string option: $450.00
Hardshell case: $250.00