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Our Mission

High Quality Instruments Built for Great Sound, Longevity, Reliability, and Easy Repairability

Our guitars are made to produce high quality, resonating sound that you'll love. We manufacture our instruments under strict climate controls to provide them with the stability you need and are crafted by experienced production and repair professionals to ensure years of great play and easy repair.

Repurposed Woods with a Story

Our tone woods come from many places, some of them might be surprising to you. From fallen trees, to old buildings, to construction excess materials, to sunken logs, we find and use the most resonant wood that will provide the most reliability and sound. When we receive environmentally responsible cut wood, we allow the resins to crystallize, which gives the finished product a vintage sound, even when it comes right out of our facility.

Hand Manipulation Voicing for Complex Tone

There's a reason most modern guitar models made by the same manufacturer have different qualities of sound--because they are made in an assembly method, where pre-shaped parts are used. This causes those instruments to have random frequencies, which directly impact the quality of their sound. Our professionals use the same methods as master violin luthiers to get the right tune and voice through hand manipulation. This allows us to craft high quality instruments with sophistication and consistency.

Dovetail Joints Provide Better Sound Compared to Bolt-On Necks

Though it take a lot of time and precision to craft guitars with dovetail joints over bolt-on necks, we are committed to using this design because it produces a higher quality of sound. Acoustic physics demonstrate this fact clearly. Voicing and tuning are best realized through dovetail joints, which is why we use it in all of our instruments. It makes for easy resetting or replacement and is why it is used by master violin luthiers.

Lightweight, Not Fragile

We use the best in engineering to make our instruments lightweight, while still preserving the quality of sound. Parabolic and radiused bracings are incorporated into the crafting of each and every instrument we build, which provides more durability and better resonance. It provides more strength even though the instruments are lightweight.

Finishes with More Resonance and Reliability

Though some instruments are made with different finishes, steel stringed instruments, like guitars perform better with a nitro-cellulose finish. Because cellulose is actually wood, it creates a stronger bond with the entire instrument while also producing a superior finish in its shine. Some modern finishes use things like glass, but, if those finishes are damaged, the instruments are usually beyond repair.

Our Professionals are Luthiers, Not Kit Assemblers

Because our team is comprised of experienced luthiers and not kit assemblers, we are able to build custom instruments. We make our instruments by hand and provide highest quality controls to ensure a great look and superior sound. We are not limited to specific designs and can hand craft practically any custom ordered guitar.

Quality over Quantity

We build only less than a hundred instruments a year, about equal to what big assembly manufacturers produce in a a couple of hours. That's right, corporate instrument assembly manufacturers produce about seven hundred guitars over the course of one or two days, which means there is no customization and hands-on selecting of tone woods. Because we don't mass produce instruments, we pay close attention to each guitar we hand craft.

Exceptional Quality with Exemplary Customer Service

Because we are a small company, we handle everything in-house. This means when you buy one of our handcrafted guitars, you'll not only receive and play a superior instrument, you'll also have exemplary customer service at your convenience. Every customer is valuable to us and we are dedicated to providing you with personal support when it's needed.